5 Tips for Flawless Skin

Who doesn’t want bright, beautiful and younger-looking skin? Read on as I unveil helpul tips and most importantly -“implement” them.

I know the pain of self-doubt in one’s skin. The pain when you get a pesky pimple on your nose right before a big event – it sure is scary and downright discouraging. Confidence in one’s skin matters because it affects overall mood. Skin problems are so discouraging and we cannot even armor ourselves against these – skin being the outermost body part!

Fear not, for we’ve got a bunch of 5 surefire tips with actionable ideas that can lead you towards healthy skin.

So without further ado, dive in…

 #1 Exercise

It is well-known that exercise is great for your heart, lungs, well-being and mental health. But here’s another reason to exercise: it’s just perfect for your skin too! There are tremendous benefits of exercising; even if it means just moving around or working out for as little as 7 minutes. Sitting is the “modern smoking”, they say. We computer geeks sit for almost 9 hours on an average, which is more than a typical workday. Sitting is very harmful – see for yourself in this infographic.

So if you’re having skin problems, it could be just because you don’t exercise. Don’t worry; here are a few tips to get you moving:

  • Pick your favourite workout – There are thousands of workout plans, each one with its own set of benefits. Each claims to be better than the other, there’s so much noise that, out of a thousand workout plans you will end up selecting none (trust me, I’ve been there!). So instead of going down that rocky road, pick any 20-minute workout plan that is good for a start.
  • Don’t break the chain Legendary comedian, Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret? He had a chain of consistent actions. “Don’t break the chain,” he said. Get a big calendar, mark X with red marker on each date you go work out. It will build a chain that will motivate you not to end.
  • Don’t go to the gym – The more complicated working out gets, the lesser you’re likely to do it. I mean if you decide to join a gym that’s located 2 KM away, you’re less likely to keep up. It simply means, you should start small then scale as you build a chain.

 #2 Get Enough Sleep

We white-collared workers, on an average, are sleep-deprived. Reason is simple – we’re too into computers that we don’t realize if we want better skin or even if we need proper sleep. Here are some amazing reasons to sleep towards healthy skin:

  • Lack of sleep means stress – Being sleep-deprived means excessive production of cortisol hormone which triggers stress. Stress can cause sensitivity, inflammation in skin, acne breakouts, allergic contact dermatitis reactions, etc.
  • Losing natural beauty – Collagen and hyaluronic acid are molecules responsible for the glow of skin. Lack of sleep causes breakdown of these molecules, which results in loss of natural beauty.
  • Faster aging – In deep slumbers, growth hormones repair damaged cells. This does not occur in short periods of sleep. If sleep deprivation persists, damaged cells accumulate demonstrating faster aging signs in the skin.

 #3 Avoid Direct Sunlight

The effect of sunlight is not to be underestimated. Constant exposure to direct sunlight causes wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems. Skin cancer is common of all cancers and the credit goes to sunlight. Overexposure to UV radiation perhaps is the most important factor of skin cancer. There’s is dire need to make lifestyle and behavioral changes to avoid sun damage to your skin.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself against sunlight:

  1. Apply sunscreen – Sunscreen protects against sun’s UV radiation by absorbing as well as reflecting the radiation. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out. Make sure it has a “broad-spectrum” label and is sun protection factor (SPF) of atleast 30.
  2. Wear UV-protected sunglasses – Ultraviolet rays can damage eye tissues. Various studies suggest that many eye diseases such as cataracts are caused by exposure to UV radiations. Firstly avoid being out too much; secondly if you’re out there in the sun, make sure you wear UV-protected sunglasses.
  3. Cover up – Wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants and a wide-brimmed hat when you are in the sun. Also you might want to consider clothing labeled as “sun-protective”.
  4. Avoid sunlight between 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. – This is the period when sun’s rays are at their strongest. Avoid exposure between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as much as possible.

 #4 Treat Your Skin Gently

Our beloved skin needs to be taken care with utmost tenderness. Can you guess what we mostly do? We do everything to make it look as beautiful as possible, giving zero attention to the possible side-effects. Strong soaps and detergents are used instead of mild cleansing. Long hours are spent taking bath in hot water, etc.

 It’s high time we resolved these issues:

  1. Hot baths – Instead of taking hot baths, shower with warm water. Hot and long showers eradicate essential oils from your skin.
  2. Dry skin – Due to constant exposure to sunlight and dry air, our skin goes dry. Therefore regular moisturization becomes vital.
  3. Strong soaps – Some soaps are more chemically powerful than others. While in pursuit of that “perfect” skin, we don’t miss out trying every other soap, even the harmful ones. “Is that soap harm-free?” is a better question to ask than “will that soap make my skin beautiful?
  4. Shave carefully – Though this aspect applies only to men, it is worth noting. Shave carefully, never in the direction of hair growth. Make sure to use a shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving.
  5. Pat dry – After taking a bath pat your skin with a towel in a way that some water is retained on your skin.

 #5 Employ Healthy Diet

Healthy diet does not mean depriving yourself of the food you love or eating raw & bland food. Rather, it means a diet that gives you energy, eliminates junk food and is sustainable. Such a diet should include vegetables, eggs, meat and lots of proteins.

What you eat is far more important than what you put on your skin. “The healthier your food intake is, the better your skin will look,” says Samantha Heller, a clinical nutritionist at NYU Medical Center in New York City.

Certain experts even believe that if certain proteins and carbohydrates are out of your diet, serious problems can spring back at you. So you decided healthy diet does matter? But confused how to proceed? Here’s how:

  • Think small, but for a long-term – It’s a common human tendency to aim for big and hard things because they bring us pride. At the same time we belittle small changes. Fact is, big changes don’t happen overnight, they take months and years. It’s about taking one small step at a time, and not stopping.
  • Don’t care about details – Don’t scare yourself by thinking about calories, fat percentage, etc. While you’re taking off, keep things simple. Reduce junk food; replace it with some healthy stuff instead. The simpler and lighter you make things for yourself, the more likely you are to follow it.
  • Start – The most important part of all success stories is the time when the protagonist believes in himself and starts. Starting is the hardest part. It becomes much harder if you just think instead of doing. So start today.

 Experts Say

Lack of confidence in one’s skin can accumulate lots of problems, if not treated. Sure enough skin problems are so persistent that an average person loses hope and doesn’t care to educate himself/herself against these problems. But there is definitely a way to get out of that rut. These skincare tips for women will help only if implemented. The only way is to “start”. If you follow these action-packed tips straight from the experts and implement them in your everyday life, you’re sure to obtain positive results.

So what do you think about these tips? Did they help you in any way? If so, we’d love to hear your story. 🙂

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