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FaceTreatment.com provides advertisers with the opportunity to promote their services and products. Small, medium and even large scale enterprises in the field of health and beauty will benefit from using our website. Consider this:


  • A Google “broad match” search using the words, “face treatment” attracts an average of 509 million searches every month.
  • A Google “exact match” search using the same term attracts an average of 1.036 million searches every month. Below is a list of companies in the United States alone that paid the most amount of money to Google in order to land at or near the top of search results that use the keyword “face treatment”.
  1. Burtsbees.com
  2. Olay.com
  3. Stives.com
  4. FrontLineInformation.com
  5. Chanel.com
  6. SkinCareSearch.com
  7. Juvederm.com
  8. Ponds.com
  9. GarnierUSA.com
  10. TheBodyShop.com
  11. Sephora.com
  12. ClarinsUSA.com
  13. Kiehls.com
  14. Nordstrom.com
  15. Dermalogica.com
  16. Labseries.com
  17. Amazon.com+ more

A Google search using the term, “face treatment” returns a long list of companies who advertise using those keywords. What more if we added Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines?

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