How to Structure a Daily Beauty Routine

Most of us grew up watching our mothers apply endless amounts of cold cream, but these days, it’s harder than ever to figure out what you should be doing for your skin. With different trends, ads, and online suppliers, we’re getting more and more confused—and it’s starting to show. This
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5 Future-Ready Hair and Beauty Trends You Can Actually Try Today

The beauty industry can be an overwhelming world, thanks to its never-ending product launches and announcements of the latest "greatest thing." Currently, the broader conversation in the industry is centred on increasing diversity, but eco-friendly packaging and product development are also topics on everyone's minds. Here are five future-ready hair
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The benefits of cold water shaving

Shaving is a vital part of any well-groomed gentleman’s routine these days. Yes, trends come and go for a bit of two o’clock shadow, but when it comes down to it there’s little better than that sharp, freshly shaven look for an important date or work event. People take different
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Fall Hair Trends

While we may be mourning the end of summer there are in fact many things to look forward to in the fall season. Bonfire nights, pumpkin spice lattes, the beautiful fall colors... It really can be a magical time of the year. One of the great things about fall is
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Homemade recipes for oily skin

If your skin is greasy and you usually have shiny skin all the time, the makeup does not last long on your skin, and you get pimples and pimples, do not miss these simple face masks that we bring you today It has happened to you that when leaving your
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Effective ways to avoid under eye circles

10 years ago (or more!), you’d stay up late night after night.  Get up to prep and beat the rush hour traffic and there are no puffy eye problems.  Neither are there dark circles, wrinkles or age spots to worry about.  Where did the good times go? It’s always a
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5 Tricks to Getting the Most from Your Face Cream

We know we are aware- We've all been there: the disappointment moment when you catch yourself staring at the mirror shamelessly and wondering how you can pull it off. Applying the moisturizers on your face may be confusing. Google may tell you, OK, but your friends come and inform you
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How To Get Glowing Skin – The Ultimate Guide

Everybody wants clean and clear skin.  Who doesn’t?  The problem is that most consumers do not take the time to understand their own skin and what their skin issues really are. How to claim your glowing skin Contrary to popular belief, glowing skin takes more than just a regular dab
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The Beauty Routines of Successful Female Athletes

Still, it seems that with female athletes, everything is a bit more natural when it comes to beauty routines, which makes it even more praiseworthy. Let’s try to discover how these amazing ladies take care of their faces, hair and bodies, and maybe steal a secret or two from them.Everyone
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