How to become a more attractive, confident and sensual woman.

Any woman, can be beautiful with health, good clothes, the right makeup. But the greatest natural enemy to a woman’s beauty is insecurity.

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It’s a feeling we all experience yet tend to think is unique to ourselves. Most women present a facade to the world and keep their insecurity locked inside. It’s how we deal publicly with these inner fears which determines how effective we are in running our lives.

Watch an elegant woman at a party. Every hair is in place and her clothes are perfect. She seems confident and relaxed, cool and unflappable. There, you think, is a woman who feels secure.

But what that woman has learned is to channel her insecurities and fears, how to feel relaxed in spite of the pressures of life, how to feel in control of herself.

Being a woman today is more difficult and confusing than it has ever been before. Our history has been largely one of servitude, generations of being simply an extension of men. But there are more options now.

A fulfilled woman is a beautiful woman. Begin with an honest evaluation. Study yourself in a mirror. Pick out the good points and the bad points, then decide how you can make improvements. A woman should learn how to live to her fullest potential.

But don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s self-defeating and demoralising.

Beauty is important, but makeup and fashion should not be taken too seriously. You should have fun making up for a party. You should have fun wearing a sexy dress.

The problem of dressing can be confusing because of fashion trends. The fashionable woman is one who conforms to the latest styles. But that goes against the whole idea of being yourself, not an imitation of someone else.

It is more important to be attractive as a woman than to be fashionable. A good way around the changing style problem is to adapt styles to your own personality.

Spend a lot of time studying yourself in the mirror when you try on clothes and when you wear them. Then you’ll learn what’s best and most attractive for you.

Make sure your clothes fit well and train your eye to see proportion.

Proportion may have to do with scale, the size of a print or a stripe. If you’re tall, you’re lucky because you can wear almost anything, large prints, bold patterns and all the lengths. A smaller woman usually looks better in a scaled-down print and she shouldn’t wear extremely high heels. But she doesn’t have to be dainty and all-feminine.

Proportion is also length; not trendy lengths but the length of a skirt that makes your legs look good. Sleeve lengths are important, too.

Women with heavy arms can wear a short sleeve, women with thin arms can wear a shorter sleeve, but you have to make certain that it covers an unattractive bulge or a bony elbow.

The same holds good with tops. Longer tunics, cardigans and smock tops cover hippiness.

Anything that calls too much attention to what you’re wearing or how you’re wearing it is wrong. You can’t let your clothes take over or overpower you. People shouldn’t comment on the beautiful colour of a dress. They should notice that the colour and style look wonderful on you.

The same is true for figure faults. If your legs are bad and you wear your skirts long in order to hide them, you’re just calling attention to them.

Instead wear something that attracts the eye to the top, to your good features.

Accessories are fun but they should never be self-conscious or too studied. They should add something fresh to an outfit and create a good mood.

What’s important is to find a style which is attractive and which you feel good in. Then stick with it. When you don’t know what to buy, you should always have in mind whom you dress for . . . you might be surprised to discover that person is really vou not our husband or boyfriend.

The most important asset in life is good health. Without good health you cannot be beautiful.

Nutrition is perhaps the single most important contribution you make to good health. And in eating to be healthy you may have to unlearn a taste of things like chocolate and ice cream.

Keep in mind that you cannot go against the nature of your body and you shouldn’t try. We all have different body types. We all have different metabolisms that control the way our food is turned into energy or into excess fat. Even if you consider all the charts and the so-called “ideal” you must make a personal adjustment to find your ideal. Trying to be excessively thin if it’s not your type will only leave you without vitality, without the glow of good health that makes you beautiful.

Here are some general rules for maintenance of a healthy body with good nutrition.

  • Eat enough of the right foods to maintain your energy, your body shape, a feeling of well-being.
  • Don’t abuse your body. All the good nutrition in the world won’t hold up if you are excessive in your smoking habits and alcohol consumption, if you don’t get enough sleep or if you allow stress to take over your mind and body.
  • Develop good habits. Try to eat three meals a day and don’t eat between meals. When you’re eating out you can always find something healthy on the menu. When you’re in the office, order a simple roast beef sandwich or a salad.
  • Don’t let any of your good habits get boring. Vary your menu, your foods. Prepare and serve your food attractively. Try to eat in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Even when you’re alone at home, prepare your tea on a tray with pretty china and a lovely porcelain honey pot.
  • Make everything as simple as possible. The more simply you cook, the more simply you eat, the better off you are. There’s a false pretension about serving complicated dishes.
  • Far more important is to have good quality, the best you can find. The freshest vegetables, the freshest eggs, the best grade of meat.
  • Steaming vegetables helps to keep more of the vitamins and cooking the way the Chinese do is wonderful. They just quick-fry in a little light vegetable oil and seal in all the flavour and food value.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious raw. There’s so much food value in the skins and peels that it’s a shame to scrape or stew or boil away that goodness. Eat your fruits and vegetables just scrubbed clean.
  • If you have trouble digesting some raw fruits and vegetables, drink the juices. If you can’t digest celery or carrots and all the wonderful leafy greens, you may be able to drink them from the blender.
  • Learn to like the foods that you know are good for you.

Proteins are builders, repairing and replenishing cell tissues. Most of your hair is protein as are your skin and nails. Muscles have the heaviest concentration of protein.

For good health and longer life your body requires 20 or so amino acids which are found in protein. Your body can manufacture 12 of these, but you have to bring in the other eight through proteins you eat, otherwise the body-manufactured ones don’t work.

That’s exactly why you should never put yourself on an “all” or an “only” diet of any kind.

Fortunately, all first-rate high protein foods also contain the 10 essential amino acids and you don’t have to think about it too much if you’re eating well.

The proteins and therefore the essential amino acids are abundant in milk, in lean meat, chicken, turkey, cottage and cream cheese, canned salmon and tuna, and eggs; the dry pulses: peas, lentils, soybeans also rank high in protein content.

Fats are invaluable for beauty because they help to lubricate the skin and scalp. They generate heat in the body and produce essential fatty acids which then help to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins.

But you must eat fats with care because they contribute mightily to overweight and are enemies to anyone with cholesterol problems. You cannot do without some fats in your diet, but remember that a little goes a long way.

Animal foods are particularly high in fat. For example, fat meats, butter and cream, whole milk. But don’t forget natural vegetable oils, peanut butter and avocados also have a high fat content.


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