Grooming or grooving – which one do you prefer and why???

The topic grooming or grooving – which one do you prefer and why essentially reminds me of the saying – a problem well defined is half solved. So true to the core!!! The word grooming means an activity leading to skilled behavior while grooving relevant to our topic of discussion connotes creasing. Grooving may be required to an extent based on the situation you are in; but grooming is a must for men. Why? Let us explore.

Why is grooming necessary for men?   

Grooming with the passage of time has gained momentum in all spheres of activities for men. If you are a job seeker or already an employed person grooming needs to be taken up on your own or by your employer whichever the case may be in order to remain market savvy. Gone are those days when people used to recognize by the person’s deeds alone. In today’s term you have to look smart in sync with the requisite skill sets to get a job or remain on the priority for the next promotion in your job. That’s precisely the power of grooming today!!!

Fair enough you might say; but how to go about the grooming? Well, it’s a good question indeed that we must address before proceeding further with a view to understand and amplify the need of grooming among men.

How should you groom?

To be honest at this point let us confess that there is no fixed format for grooming. We understand that grooming rather be devised based on the actual need. This in other words construes to the fact that grooming must be done in accordance with the priority or requirement of someone rather than becoming a straight jacket for all and sundry. The gist is while planning to take lessons on grooming do reality checks on your actual requirements vis-à-vis the grooming courses aka sessions on offer. Judge whether your requirements and the grooming sessions are having a marriage or not. If not, then you better NOT investment your time, energy and money onto grooming!!!

Like the five fingers on our hand you as an individual is unique so goes with your requirement for grooming. Though there can be a great amount of similarity in grooming requirements among say 10 people in your batch still your requirement isn’t exactly the same and as such the mentor for grooming has to pay a special attention to your grooming requirement. If it happens like that your grooming program becomes productive for you and as well as your prospective employers and others for sure.

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