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Skin is an important part of the body. It covers the body organs and protects the inner cells from the harsh external environment. The skin is a significant organ of excretion. It is, therefore, important we understand that the skin is necessary and needs to be taken care of. There are some things that we do that may cause the direct effect on the skin. Some of these things are done out of mere ignorance. Others may be because of lack of knowledge. There is, however, literature that can help you to know the habits that we keep and are harmful to our skin. Some of them may be confused with proper care or treatments to the skin. Let’s now look at some habits that we keep and are bad or may have an adverse impact on our skin.

Use of Cotton pillow cases

First you need to know that good and adequate sleep is paramount for a healthy skin. You need to ensure you allow yourself to get eight hours of sleep. Using a cotton pillow case is a bad habit. Cotton is known for picking up dirt fast. When you use a cotton pillow case, you need to wash it regularly. Cotton is also hard and causes wrinkles on our skin as we sleep. The wrinkles may cause breakage of the skin and cause permanent damage to your skin. Another mistake that we do is washing cases with toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals are related to cancer risks and hormone disruptions.

Going to Bed with Make-up on

When people apply makeup, they stay with it for a whole day. They pick a lot of germs in the day’s process. Makeup should, therefore, be washed off before jumping into bed. This will protect the skin from any infection by bacteria that may be collected by the sticky makeup. The other thing is that the skin contains pores that are used in excretion. These pores are sometimes blocked by makeup. For you to enjoy your night, it is important to remember to wash off the makeup in the evening before going to bed. Makeup also clogs the oil glands and skin pores. This leads to enlarging of the pores. When you age, the pores do not snap back because they are blocked by make up that clogs in them. This causes inflammations that lead to aging of the skin. Washing off makeup before going to bed may delay skin aging. This also removes any dirt or germs that may be in the skin ensuring that you have a good relaxed night. You can tell if your skin is having a problem if it starts turning color, getting flaky and decreasing in sensitivity.

Applying Products Out of Order

Most of the skin products should be applied in a particular order. This is to ensure that they work efficiently. If you miss the order, you will inhibit the lighter products from performing their work. The correct application of products in order should be toner, serum followed by cream.

Popping Pimples

Many people think that popping a pimple that appears on the skin is the best way to deal with pimples. This is a wrong habit. Popping a pimple may lead to more damage to the skin. The damage is because we pop a pimple in the wrong manner. The urge to pop pimples should be suppressed by face washing using a face cloth. A pimple should pop on its own when ready.

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Washing the skin with Hard Cleansers

Many people fail to know or understand the nature of their skin. They thus wash it with any cleanser that they come across. This is wrong practice. You should understand the needs of your skin so that you can buy the right products. Understanding your skin requirements also protects you from the risk of doing a trial-error method to find or get the right or correct products for the skin. This will also keep you off from using products in the wrong way.


Now that the skin is a crucial body organ, care that is comparable to its importance should be accorded to it. You also know that you expose your skin to plenty of risks by being involved in some habits. It is not hard to find out if you are treating your skin in the right manner. Whatever you subject your skin to will show. This will help you to take care of your skin. It is important to be on the lookout for any changes in your skin and seek help if you need be.


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