Mr. new look!

Grooming is an essential ingredient for confidence and besides the critical role it plays in promoting one’s health.  Sadly, the society mostly associates grooming with the female members in which case completely ignoring their male counterparts. Men grooming, however, is highly valued and respected by those who know its worth.

Ranging from shaving the chin to manicures and pedicures, male grooming has taken the industry by a huge surprise. With the numerous sprouting of men spas and beauty joints, it is quite safe for one to say men are taking grooming seriously. Back in the day, 10 minutes shower time was ample time for men to clean up and feel they have done enough of their daily grooming. That has suddenly been overtaken by the need to strike a difference both at work and dates.

Remarking from experience, men grooming is basically cheap or so to say, affordable and definitely worth the effort. It might be a notion that lacks practical evidence but we all know that the male skin is quite ‘tough’ and rarely needs per unit time check-ups and make-ups. It is quite fascinating how easily dudes in the bathroom take a short time to freshen up then match out with stunning looks.

Critics have it that men grooming is mainly aimed at impressing women but isn’t it all what it is about women grooming? Have you ever considered looking keenly at women on Friday nights and how they carry themselves around? All they want to hear are compliments and objective comments. Basically, this is the most widely used and deeply rooted approach to grooming which in the long-run lacks a load of information.

As a matter of fact, most men acquire admirably stunning looks just for themselves. There is, of course, the health part of it but men take pride in walking head high and feeling super-confident. Although people will have varied ideas and opinion as to what men grooming entails, their opinions could be merged together into one wholesome equation that comes up with a masculine ‘breathe taker’.

It is wise and rewarding if men just try to spend some more time thinking about their current ‘old fashion’ looks and how a new look would change their lives into a whole lot of fun an joy. I know and everybody knows it is practically impossible for some men to try but what is there to lose anyway. Throw your pride to the winds and get rid of that ugly moustache or even better, give it an amazingly unexpected new  look!

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