NATURAL VS. MEDICAL SKIN REMEDIES: Which is more effective?


Whenever you browse women’s magazines or google about that effective skin care product you should use to help improve your skin, you see numerous, well actually TONS, of beauty advice that pop up. You read every single article hoping that you’ll get decent and highly effective suggestions that will work on you but you end up being completely torn apart whether you’ll go for natural remedies or medical remedies. How are both types of remedies/treatments differ anyway? Here are some of the few, brief facts about Natural or Organic skin remedies and Medical skin remedies.

A lot of people go for Natural Skin Care because it is something very easy to make and most of the ingredients you’ll need are already available in the kitchen. It is usually considered that organic ingredients are safer for the skin just as how people are safe to intake these foods. Research says that 88% percent of people, mostly women, find organic ingredients more effective in terms of treating the skin. Though you might wonder were the rest of the percentage goes, yes? Just as how some people are allergic to certain types of foods, this can also happen when it comes to applying it on to the skin. Take this for instance; it is scientifically proven that collagen is highly abundant in marine creatures. Collagen is usually extracted from fish oil and we all know that collagen boosts up the skin’s elasticity and firmness, but some people are allergic to seafood and other living and nonliving things you’ll find under the sea, therefore, using fish oil directly on to the skin might cause some allergic reaction. Another downside to natural skin care is that it requires a lot of patience. Why? It is because you have to make everything by yourself and it takes a bit longer for you to see visible effects. But then, what’s a little sacrifice of time and patience for a better skin?

The other kind of remedy is something you usually encounter whenever you personally visit your dermatologist and ask for their advice. A dermatologist will thoroughly examine your skin and after a check-up, they will prescribe a couple of creams and meds you have to regularly take. This is one definite option you have to take when you’re experiencing a skin problem that is a little more serious. If it’s something extremely bothering, like a very bad rash or painful acne, it truly requires the attention of an expert. Medicinal creams, capsules or drinks can either be derived from organic ingredients or chemically produced in laboratories, but since it is specifically designed to cure a certain kind of skin problem, then visible results are expected to show faster. Just as how natural skin remedies are, some group of people can possibly be allergic to some medicinal antibiotics, so it is also necessary to be very cautious. One more disadvantage with this is that they can cost you more money as most of these skin medicines are more expensive compared to the natural ingredients you can just pick up from the grocery store.

It is true that both can be effective and they also have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is just all about a matter of personal preference and to find what is more convenient for you. You first have to understand what your skin needs and do a bit of research about the products you are considering of using

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