Oil Pulling: Is it Really Good for your Teeth?

Oil Pulling is either considered a trend or folk remedy. A lot of people say it is highly effective and that it saves you from paying your dentist a visit as it is known to do wonders for your teeth. Others say it is just one of those folk remedies that old people do and it is just based on myths. Have you heard about oil pulling? Have you tried it already?

Before everything else, what is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling is a kind of procedure wherein you choose any kind of oil (though Coconut Oil is the most commonly used) and swish it inside your mouth, particularly in between and around your teeth. You swish the oil for a short time but let it stay inside the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. It is believed to detoxify the entire mouth, including the teeth and gums. As it cleans the mouth, it also involves cavity removal and teeth whitening.

So the question now is, does it really work? There are tons of testimonials from people that say Oil Pulling really works wonders when done properly and regularly but up until now there are not a lot of clear scientific and medical facts that prove its efficiency. Though considering mutual facts from science and medicine, coconut oil, which is the commonly used kind of oil for Oil Pulling, does a great job in cleaning and making the teeth stronger. Coconut oil is also known for being antibacterial which only goes to show that swishing it inside the mouth is also a great way in killing bacteria without disturbing the gums.

Oil Pulling has a lot of promising benefits but in some cases, a few people who do this claims to have experienced headaches and slight congestion. It is still unknown what causes these side effects to occur since they are only based on personal experiences. Despite this, there are still a lot of people who are getting themselves into the bandwagon because of credible testimonials featured in some health magazines and online. May it be proven effective or not, there’s really nothing harmful in trying this procedure, especially if the natural oil you will choose to use is known for being very helpful for the body. Some of the oils mostly used in Oil Pulling are coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil. Those three types of oils are very well-known for their healthy properties that are absolutely advantageous for the body.

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