Quick Checklist to Reexamine your Skin Care Routine

Clean Your Face

It’s quite common knowledge that cleansing the skin is vital. The thing is, you do wash your face every morning, complete your nightly skin rituals, but your skin still can’t be as beautiful and perfect as you want it to be.  We have always wondered why exactly we get acne breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads and even the tiniest unwanted spots from time to time. What on earth exactly are you doing wrong?

When we talk about skin cleansing, the often misconception about it is to just keep the skin free from dirt, that’s all. Most people think that merely washing their faces, applying toners, serums and a lot of expensive creams are enough to fulfill an entire skin care routine. The answer to this is NO. Fact is, this embraces a lot of other factors one should consider to be able to do it properly.  All those zits? It must be because you’ve been cleaning your face the wrong way this whole time! Let us give you a quick checklist for you to reexamine your skin cleansing routine and help you figure what aspects could have been going off beam.

First Factor: Pure Skin Night and Day.

Nighttime is not the only time when you have to clean your skin. We often thought about dirt being only present by the time the day ends. The dust and pollution you get everyday aren’t only limited outdoors. Did you know that you also get the same dirt, only 5% lower, in your very own home? Your carpet, sofa and even your bed make a nice home for dust that aggravates the skin. Knowing this, washing your face regularly by the time you wake up is a must. “Well of course everyone washes their faces in the morning!” you might say, but that does not stop there. Toning, moisturizing and applying enough sun block will not only thoroughly cleanse your skin but also protect it from the harsh elements around you.

Second Factor: Clean Inside and Out.

It must sound like a cliché, yes? The question is, have you been doing it as a part of your daily routine? Healthy skin requires healthy diet and proper hydration. Certain fruits and vegetables like pomegranates, cherry tomatoes and spinach, are very beneficial for the skin that’s why you have to at least put several of those in your everyday diet. Most significantly, water keeps the skin supple and elastic making it harder for dirt to penetrate. We are often told to drink at least eight (8) glasses a day, but it won’t hurt if you make it ten (10) or fifteen (15) or maybe twenty (20). More water intake, the better.

Third Factor: Zero Makeup.

By the end of the day, after long hours of work and traffic, the makeup look we spent two hours doing has already melted, completely worn out. Not only that, the oil from your skin made your foundation greasier, making it a perfect dirt magnet! So it’s your makeup, plus oil, plus pollution, all stuck on your face. This truly calls for intensive skin cleansing. Simply washing your face won’t get rid of your makeup as it also involves oil. Water doesn’t mix with oil, remember? What you’ll need is a very good makeup remover along with very gentle and soft facial tissues. Carefully wipe your makeup off your face and make sure nothing is left on your skin. Quick tip: If you’re someone who wears makeup on a daily basis, getting yourself a nice pore brush will help you get rid of deep-seated dirt.

Those are the three factors you may want to consider when reexamining your daily skin care routine. Have you been cleansing your skin the right way?

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