Sharpen your marketing tools for men’s shaving!!!

Like a lady’s perfume men’s shaving spells a class. You being the man of 21st Century can’t afford to compromise with your shaving kits aka products that essentially spell your class in the eyes of the people around you especially the fair sexes!!!

Shaving products for men – mere products or a vanity attached to them???

Shaving products for men are ever evolving like all other fashion items and have a specific TG (Target Group) generation Y. The crux is that these products equally appeal to the generation X who aspire to be at par with the changing trend in the market. This summarily makes the scope of marketing for shaving products even more challenging to greener pastures involving both the generations X and Y.

But, you as a marketer cannot overlook this ever growing market size. For countries like India the youths account for nearly 33% of the entire population and therefore offer a unique opportunity for marketing of the men’s shaving products. Interestingly the disposable income of an average Indian has grown substantially over the recent times thereby has thrown open a vast untapped market for men’s shaving products.

The scope of marketing for shaving products for men:

They say unless you are exposed to the better living you may not necessarily get to know what modern-day living may mean. The perception about the modern-day living of a man based in New York for example will be no match for a man living in East Africa!!! But, the man from East Africa would by default love to live the life of the New Yorker for sure had he been given with an opportunity. Such is power of modernization.

The example here vouches for one simple fact – men too crave for neatness and healthy products and therefore the scope of marketing for shaving products for men is huge.

The marketing strategy of shaving products for men:

According to Dr. Philip Kotler there are essentially 04 elements of marketing; namely – product, price, place and promotion. So, there should ideally be 04 strategies as well for making your marketing initiative for men’s shaving a grand success. But, the fifth element that of late has come to recognition is the people (who represent the product to the end users) too will contribute here.

Be specific on your approach and add a difference to your bouquet of offerings for men’s shaving products. A huge success in the markets all over the world will be just waiting to embrace you for sure!!!

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