Shaving is good – you folks!!!

Portrait of a handsome young man looking at self in the mirror and shaving
Portrait of a handsome young man looking at self in the mirror and shaving

Men have attained the current shape and structure through the process of evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution says that the human race evolved from the animals like monkeys. This has perhaps been the driving force behind human’s somewhat resemblance with those animals. Prior to the arrival of the Homo Sapience the early men used to have great similarities with monkeys which are essentially known to be our ancestors according to Darwin. The current human race however has attained the finest height of hygiene and health by adopting healthy habits like shaving.

Are all shavings good?

To your query here we must say that NOT all shavings are good for you. In some countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh there is a prevalent practice of shaving heads of children and this practice is known for yielding good results in terms of growing back hairs on heads thickly and in a more orderly manner. If that is so, then there is no scope for argument that shavings are good!! But, the million dollar question is: are all shaving good for the men?

Coming to this question we must admit that all shavings are not good for men. Grown up men must avoid (other the requirement for rituals in some Asian countries) shaving their heads to avoid unnecessary troubles like getting their head skin burnt or becoming vulnerable to cough and cold easily. But, shaving of moustache and beards are essentials for staying healthy. Why?

The excess growth of hairs on face, underarms and groin areas favors the bacterial and fungal growth in those pockets thereby causes skin sore and irritation alongside swelling in stray cases. If not shaved on regular basis hairs grown over your face can cause acnes and pimples. Hence you must shave unnecessary hairs all over your body – the sooner the better. You however must allow the hairs to grow back before you shave them again.

What shavings can do for you?  

Irrespective of your age shavings can do wonders for you. If you are a young man shaving can give you a fresh look and can add to your charming personality. Again unshaved beards by default give people a sick look. We recommend you to grow beard and observe it on your own for realizing the underlying truth here. If you are a seasoned person shaving too can mean a lot to you in terms of your attitude and positivities all around!!!

We advise you to shave regularly for keeping negatives and diseases away from you.

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