The Cost of Beauty

Over the last decade, we have experienced a very noticeable rise in image consciousness and it seems like natural beauty is fading.

Today the media and the major brands spend millions of pounds to push products onto women. They tell them they need these products in order to look ‘good’, be desirable and can get ‘the look’ with the help of their products. For years now, the media has been setting ever-changing beauty standards for women. With the evolution of technological platforms, women are even more susceptible to promotions due to advertisements, imagery and celebrity exposure through avenues such as social media.

As an example, thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, there are extreme levels of publicity regarding beauty schemes. Kylie Jenner was recently reported to be spending around a staggering figure of $3,300 on her routine. With all of the coverage of their lives through the media, even the ordinary woman who isn’t a show bizz’ fanatic knows about them and their habits.

With so much pressure ‘to look good’ and match up to the individuals on display, women are constantly battling to keep up with the latest looks and products. This ultimately ends in caving into the pressure and being more willing to pay the price for beauty.

Today, British women carry a staggering £256 worth of make up in their handbags everyday. It was revealed that there are 13 essential products that make up the average cosmetics bag, with each item costing on average £20. These items included such products as mascara, lipstick, eye liner, perfume and moisturizer to name a few.

That’s not to imply there is a conspiracy to make women overspend in the pursuit of physical perfection. Granted certain items listed above can help and be convenient for women needs but the issue lies in terms of what the products are actually worth. All of this consider, it isn’t even counting beauty services, which are typically more expensive than these products.

Furthermore, on top of those products and services such as hairdressers, manicures and facials, many women are willing to pay to go under the knife to fix their beauty insecurities. This does often cure that individuals needs but it is guaranteed to come with a hefty fee. Sometimes women can even pay the ultimate ‘cost of beauty’ when treatment goes wrong and they receive a bad breast enlargement for example. Making it turn out that the very thing they needed to feel good, has the reverse effect.

Anyone will know that it’s not healthy for women to equate their worth with the reflection they see in the mirror. Every woman has the right to feel beautiful irrespective of what imagery is being forced upon her. These products that are advertised as a ‘fix’ for beauty, do add up over time and with escalating prices, they become large expenditures on top of everyday living costs. It is increasingly hard to keep up the costs of these prices and we need to stop judging a woman’s value on the products she can afford. Instead of conforming to the one particular set standard of beauty, we as a society need to expand the definition of what that word actually means. By feeding into the media’s stereotypes, we are just fueling their fire.

Women are stunning regardless of the amount of money they spend on their regime. We need to get away from the fake photo shopped archetypes and promote a cost free definition of beauty that fits all women.

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