10 Natural makeup tips you should know

The ever growing popularity of natural looking make up is still making waves which is better. The heydays of the bright pink and violet eye shadows are long gone — thank, goodness! So, if you’re still not sure how to pull off a natural look with your makeup, it’s about time you found the right ways to do it.

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Stop being so 80’s!  Follow these 10 natural makeup tips to get your cover up right every time:

Tip No. 1:  Prioritize skin treatment. Every skincare guide will include skin treatment to avoid aging tips but not all makeup tutorials will tell you to apply your skincare products first. The secret to knockout the natural makeup look is to have beautiful and healthy skin that does not need a lot of covering.  To achieve this, practice a skincare routine that’s fit for your age. Aging skincare must incorporate products like BioDiamond to keep skin vibrant and young-looking.

 Tip No. 2:  Provide special treatment for skin around your eyes. Think of skincare and eye care as two separate matters from now on.  Makeup that makes you look young and natural brings the spotlight to your eyes. Therefore, it is imperative that skin around your eyes receive the utmost and the best treatment that you can provide. Apply eye serums and eye creams before starting your cover and conceal techniques.


Tip No. 3:  Cover. Simplify your cover up with a BB cream. Use only foundation when you can and when you have to, that includes when you’re expecting to be photographed in close up or, when the weather is colder and less humid which won’t cause your foundation to slip and become unruly. A BB cream has SPF, is pigmented and often already infused with moisturizer, letting you escape the aging effects of layering too many products on your skin.

Tip No. 4:  Conceal.  Your BB cream or foundation may have initially hid your skin imperfections but dark circles around your eyes, acne marks on your chin or a freckle on your nose may need a little bit more help to conceal. In which case, your concealers may have to be applied in shades that neutralize the color of your skin imperfections. The purple under eyes may be neutralized by a salmon concealer. This technique is one of the more popular avoid aging tips that will do you good to practice.

Tip No. 5:  Line your eyebrows, eyelids and lips with concealer.  This technique will keep your makeup pigments in place, prevent these from smudging and from slipping off of your face.

Tip No. 6:  Pull up your skin by drawing on your eyebrows. Natural makeup tips bank a lot on the way the eyebrows are drawn and arched. Do not use hard lines on your eyebrows. One way to achieve that is to use your eyebrow pencil instead of your hard-line eyebrow gels. Hard lines make you look old whereas soft eyebrows give you a more relaxed, more youthful look.

Tip No. 7:  Consider wearing a nude eyeshadow. A light gradient on your eyelids will give your eyes certain highlights and shadows that amp up the anti-aging effects of your anti-aging products like BioDiamond.


Tip No. 8.  Line your eyes and curl your lashes. If you wing, use a black eyeliner. If you want to keep your natural look soft, don’t wing it and use instead a soft eyeliner pencil in brown to color your top and bottom eye lines with. For more natural looking lashes, get an eyelash extension but if you’re using mascara, make sure to curl and use only very little amount of mascara.

Tip No. 9.  Trace your water lines and tear ducts with a white highlighter.  This technique opens up your eyes, making it look larger, fresher and younger.

Tip No. 10:  Complement your natural eye makeup with a light lip color and a flattering blush.  Complete your look with a creamy or matte lipstick. Use your broad brush to apply a natural blush on your cheeks.


Lesson learned?  Practice healthy skincare habits so you can look good with natural makeup or, even with completely bare skin anytime.

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