5 Best tips for skin care to help stay away from aging.

Women of all ages young and old are always concerned about their physical appearance. Their ultimate desire is to look good for it brings in confidence and happiness along with it. Though, this is just a societal influence where women are mostly body shamed over being too fat or too skinny. It is not that women want to have a loving and caring husband to have infinite amount of happiness throughout the life. The truth is that women want to eat and laze around as much as they like without having the stress of getting fat or going through any other issue that tarnishes their physical appearances.

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These days a lot of amateur to self taught makeup artists online are yet again brought under the banner of useless and bullying comments if they wish to appear or film themselves like many other celebrities without makeup. Every other woman has her own set of problems including acne, wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles or any other. Just because they use the art of makeup to hide these issues does not mean they are a bad person or are deceiving anyone, this is just their way to enjoy themselves and feel good about how they appear in public. Women with age also suffer from skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sagging.  This issue is not only concerning women but more and more men are becoming conscious regarding the skin problems that appear with age.

There are however many extensive and expensive procedures that take place at dermatologists and salons but our advise to you is that before reaching that age where all of these signs start appearing, start looking after your skin right now, from today with these very easy and simple tips. These tips help to keep your cells tight and elastic to save it from premature sagging or wrinkles.


Most women do not even care if their skin is getting excessive oily or dry. But this is the major concern related with understanding our skin type. To go to sleep with your makeup on is possibly the worst you can ever do to your skin. Since, there are tons of chemical involved in the makeup products that you use if you allowed them to rest on your skin for too long there is a high chance that they will damage your skin. Do the following if not every night then definitely after every other day:

  • Always cleanse your face nicely before going to bed. By cleansing we don’t really mean deep cleansing but a thorough hand would be perfect.
  • This helps get rid of blackheads and clogged pores on a day to day basis.
  • After that moisturize your skin, by skin we mean almost everywhere including: face, neck, hands, feet and even legs.
  • Yes a woman’s body is really a wonderland so, for better results go with this chore every night.
  • Once a week it is advised to do some gentle but thorough scrubbing. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells and gives the chance for new cells to come to the surface making your skin to glow and look a lot fresher.


A lot of women just like me simply wash their faces and start getting along with the foundation or base without even bringing the concept of applying a sunscreen. This is probably the most incorrect way to go about town in the daylight especially in summers.

  • All makeup artists know the fact if they are preparing someone for the day, they are to apply a good, moisturizing sunscreen to keep the inner most layer of the skin intact.
  • Just because you are wearing a base or a foundation doesn’t mean the sunrays aren’t going o affect you. You are completely in the wrong here.
  • Look out for the best sunscreen despite its price tag and also choose the one after you are satisfied with the general public reviews because there you can find a lot of women commenting about its usage and performance according to your skin type.
  • Sometimes an expensive sunscreen won’t do you good as it is not designed for your particular skin type.
  • For makeup based events always first apply the sunscreen and then start applying the rest of the makeup. To be honest, this is exactly how it is supposed to be done.
  • The more you forget using the sunscreen, the more the sunrays will cause damage to your skin that might not be that visible when you’re young but with the passage of age it sure will show the side effects.


Women especially mothers of kids really don’t know, when to sleep, where to sleep and how to sleep. Life becomes a roller coaster ride for mothers as kids become the center of their whole life and everything becomes haywire of their own lives. They don’t know how to catch up on their own sleep since infants keep on waking up in the middle of the night. While the toddlers have many other issues to keep you on the toes.

  • To have a sound life and a naturally glowing skin it is very important that the body gets to put itself to rest for an undisrupted time period of at least 6-8 hours.
  • Being women, despite a mother or single you are subjected to catch up on good sleep for your body to rejuvenate itself and for you to feel and look fresher the next morning.
  • Good night’s sleep includes many other benefits, where it eases your mind, reduces stress related issues or hormonal issues, and also puts you in a much better mood.
  • Coffee might be your best friend but to make sure you hit the sack well in time then avoid caffeinated drinks 4-5 hours before bed time. This way the effect of caffeine flushes out from the system and you have a better time looking after your sleeping patterns.


Women are not much bothered about what they are putting n their mouth. They pick up mostly everything on their way to the office, college or even at home. They don’t regard preparing a steady and healthy breakfast for themselves and will be far more concerned regarding their spouse’s and kids meal than of them. Yes caring for the family is a good thing, but looking after yourself along side is even better.

  • Always keep in mind that water is like your body’s basic necessity and to deprive it of water means you’re depriving it of its source of energy and retrieval.
  • Just like that your diet should be a rich source of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, white and maintained portions of red meat.
  • Many fruits and vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants that help the body to get rid of the toxins and free radicals that not only damage the skin but also the flow of healthy blood around the body.
  • One recommended source says; you are to have 5 balanced portions of fruits and vegetables with 3 portions of whole grains and some nuts on a daily basis to fulfill the daily requirements of the essential minerals and vitamins.


These are very simple tips that can be used to appearing of premature aging signs. Being women it is your right to look after yourself along with looking after your family. After all, you are as much of a human as your family members are

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