5 Future-Ready Hair and Beauty Trends You Can Actually Try Today

The beauty industry can be an overwhelming world, thanks to its never-ending product launches and announcements of the latest “greatest thing.”

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Currently, the broader conversation in the industry is centred on increasing diversity, but eco-friendly packaging and product development are also topics on everyone’s minds.

Here are five future-ready hair and beauty trends you can actually try today.

  1. LVL Lashes

The abbreviation stands for length-volume-lift. How does the revolutionary procedure work?

A therapist utilizes a setting serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root (making them look curled up), before then tinting your lashes to create the appearance of mascara. Voila, you have beautiful dark, curled lashes, and you can say adios to mascara.

After you have your brand-new boosted lashes, you must avoid getting them damp for the first 24 hours, but the effects are instant, so you won’t be wanting mascara from the moment you leave the salon.

Particularly if you have very fair lashes, this treatment could change your life, as the tint will pick up every millimetre of your lashes and coat them with pigment to give you an effect you’ve only ever achieved before with liner, mascara and a set of lash curlers.

Including a consultation, the procedure only takes around an hour, making it easier to squeeze into your lunch break. And, depending on your lash type, the effects last between 6-8 weeks.

Even for gym bunnies, LVL treatments is a game-changer because your lashes will be totally color-fast for over a month, meaning you never have to worry about sweating off your mascara during spin class or hot yoga.

Time to book an appointment and give LVL lashes a try yourself!

  1. Patchouli

Last year was all about the rose fragrances. This year, you want to be smelling like patchouli, a darker, earthy note that adds instant mystique to anyone who wears it.

Found in Asia, Patchouli is an aromatic leafy plant that belongs to the mint family and the essential oil is said to soothe inflammation and repel insects.

Not necessarily what you look for in a bottle of perfume?

However, it has a natural, musky and spicy scent and would be considered a base for woody oriental perfumes.

As it is an all-natural oil, it was worn a lot by hippies in the 1960s, and now remains to have a widespread association with that culture. But the scent is making a comeback, with many designer perfume makers including the oil in their creations.

  1. Brazilian Blowout

Introduced in Brazil, the Brazilian Blowout utilizes ingredients (such as açai berry, camu camu, and annatto seed) that are indigenous to the country. The liquid keratin recipe links to the threads of your hair, efficiently reducing frizz.

By creating a shielding coating, it also guards your hair against any external damage.

The benefits of the Brazilian Blowout include more hydrated hair, less frizziness, and locks that are more buoyant to heat styling. If you want to get a wildly glossy shine, then a Brazilian Blowout is the way to go.

  1. Blush Contouring

Flattering your cheekbones is not a new pursuit, but this season it is getting a whole lot easier to do it flawlessly. This season, focus on using your blush to contour, and pair it with your bronzer to create a compelling contouring duo.

Look for creamy and blendable products that make an ideal pairing with your go-to bronzer. Or opt for a blush that also helps to conceal, contour and highlight.

It is the look that models in Dubai are currently favoring.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Products and Packaging

Last but not least, people everywhere are helping the future by opting to purchase environmentally friendly products and packaging. While the beauty industry isn’t customarily touted for its eco credentials, more and more brands and companies are shifting towards eco-friendly plastics and glass.

You, as a consumer, should be more cognizant of the infliction plastic is creating when not disposed of carefully or recycled.

Additionally, more and more people are embracing a reduced cleansing regimen (which includes you showering less), as people recognize that over-washing isn’t beneficial for your pores or the planet.

Which beauty and hair trends are you buzzing to try out over the next few months? Do you like to follow the emerging tech in the beauty and makeup world? Let us know in the comments below!

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