5 Tricks to Getting the Most from Your Face Cream

We know we are aware- We’ve all been there: the disappointment moment when you catch yourself staring at the mirror shamelessly and wondering how you can pull it off. Applying the moisturizers on your face may be confusing. Google may tell you, OK, but your friends come and inform you that you are doing it all wrong. It’s ok and doesn’t take it too seriously. We all know what a battle it is to moisturize the face.

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If you’re applying it wrong, basically it’s doing nothing much, but if done correctly, then it boost the hydration of your skin and prevent flaking and dullness of the skin and a plus, it provides a layer that keeps you protected all day. Not to forget, applying face in the correct way helps the anti-aging ingredients work superbly.

You may think you are doing it right, but you will be surprised to find that you can do it in a whole better way. With a small change of your routine, an innocent looking jar of cream and the following tips you will make it with a soft, smooth skin.

Exfoliate the face in an easy way.

Exfoliate is a fancy name that describes the removal of the dead skin. A reason why you should buff off the dead skin is to expose new and radiant skin that is found underneath. To check whether there is the need to exfoliate scratch a small part of our hand or leg using your fingernail and if it leaves a white mark, it should be done. Do you want to see how easy it is? Well, let’s have a quick walk through.

First, find a gentle, everyday cleanser which does not irritate your skin.  Face is sensitive to scrubs and acids. Wet the face skin with warm water. This will help open the pores, making it easier to exfoliate. Then squeeze a small amount of the cleanser to a washcloth. Rub the washcloth on the face skin gently in a circular motion. Rinse your face with warm water and finally, apply moisturizer cream immediately.

Deep clean the face before moisturizing

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Wondering why? Well, it is imperative to remove dirt, chemical build up, and oil before applying any moisturizers to ensure penetration of other products through the pores. Here is the perfect way on how to do it. The first step is to wash the hands to make sure that you are not transferring the dirt to the face. Then use lukewarm water to rinse the face. Hot water may break capillaries while cold water may close the pores.  Start cleaning the face in a circular motion. These circular cleaning will gently exfoliate skin and increase blood flow to open pores for maximum cleansing. To rinse the face, splash with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean face towel.

Daily moisturizing keeps you vibrant.

Why should you do daily moisturizing? Ah, if you’re not doing daily moisturizing then you should start. Many benefits are associated with moisturizing each day. Moisturizing daily is the only way that you’ll look younger, feel younger, have a soft skin, make your skin elastic and maintain your skin in a hydrated form. Other benefits that may be associated with making a daily routine is that regular moisturizing forms a foundation and the base of makeup preventing it from penetrating through the pores.  Daily moisturizing is a perfect way to look vibrant all day and keep the cell hydrated.

Facial Massage benefits


Sorry to add a new routine to your workout. The face just like any other part of the body require to be massaged. The routine has more benefits such as, relieve tension, improve circulation, allows face products to be absorbed into the skin, it’s a natural way to lift the face and helps you look younger and brighter. Here are few grounds rules you should observe;

Apply lubrication oil. Just like any part of the body needs the oil, so does the face – rubbing the face without oil will make sore red and end up unhappy. Rub the skin using your ring finger and concentrate on the cheek, jawlines, mouth, and the eyes. Sounds easy, right? Do not massage close to the eye area as the skin is fragile and thin.

Applying face cream at night time.

If you want to look great, you’ll have to give it all.  The skin like any other part of the body does the bulk of its repairing and regenerating while we are sleeping. Face cream applied at night will aid in moisturizing and recovery. Since there is no concern of sun at night, most of the evening cream have more ant-aging ingredients and penetrates more and work successfully with no interference from the sun.

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