Amazing 101 Spring Cleaning of Your Health Inside Out

After all those dull winter months and eating a lot of unhealthy meals, your body is craving for some cleaning out of toxins. Spring cleaning is not all about grabbing some facial masks and hoping that your skin will get miraculously perfect. To embark on the right way of doing it, you should start your routine from inside out.

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It is the same as spring cleaning of your home you are about to do, too. You do not leave something neglected, you do an in-depth cleaning, so taking care of your skin should not be the same.

Embrace Healthy Eating Habits

Stuffing yourself with delicious snacks brimming with sugar, dishes rich in fat and tasting those French fries has done you no good. In order to clean your body and get more energy you should change your eating habits. Go for eating a lot of leafy greens which will provide your body with the much needed nutritive ingredients. With the spring already here you can get a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, so there is no excuse in eating some unhealthy snacks. If you still feel like needing some sweet snacks, go for healthy replacements such as grain free brownies.

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Think about hydration as well, are you drinking enough water? At least 6 cups per day is what you need. But, think about alcohol consumption and if you are overdoing it you are bound to have problems with your skin now, as it deprives your body with the much needed water. Cut down on alcohol and cigarettes to treat your body the way it deserves.

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If you work out regularly and see no results you would like to obtain, the problem is in your diet. Drinking more water and eating food rich in protein, such as chicken, fish and eggs, will help you get toned muscles and clean your body in no time!

Clean Your Face

All the taking care of your eating is not good enough if you use harsh beauty products on your skin. To start off you can make a DIY facial mask. Once you started a healthy diet you will come to love avocados, so do not put away that half of it you have not eaten. Use it for a wonderful facial mask. Take a half of avocado and mash it until it is smooth and add a tablespoon of coconut oil and squeeze a half of a lemon. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it out.

Clean Your Face

After that you should think about purchasing some organic cosmetics which will do no harm to your skin in the long run. Cosmetics based on organic products which do not provoke any bad reaction will do wonders to your skin. 100 Percent Pure is known for giving skin back its natural glow and elasticity.

Get More Active

All these measures to fight toxins in your body are not good enough if you are not active. Spring is ideal time for strolling along the city so do not sit in your comfy sofa watching shows on Netflix and hope you will get more toned body and a better looking skin. Walking just a half an hour per day will give you leaner muscles and an instant mood lift. Do not forget to stay hydrated during the activities, always bring a bottle of water with you and you will get a healthy and radiant skin in a matter of days.

Get More Active

To spring clean your body you should start from inside out. Change your eating habits, ditch alcohol, cigarettes and sugary snacks and opt for healthy replacements. Drink enough water to stay hydrated. Use quality organic products and get more active to have toned muscles and regain skin glow and elasticity.

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