Jalsan Andrea

Wrinkles: Get Rid of them Before They Even Come!

Aging is inevitable. We grow older and older every single day and that one thing that shows our life’s achievements are wrinkles. They usually show when one reaches forty or fifty, but in some cases, they show as early as twenty-five. Growing old is something we can never avoid, but
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Significant Facts about Skin Moisturizing

Have you always wanted softer, younger-looking skin? Having soft skin is not something one can easily achieve in a single procedure as it is more on proper maintenance and healthy skin routine. It is essential that one should regularly moisturize to maintain the skin softness and avoid excessive dryness that
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Quick Checklist to Reexamine your Skin Care Routine

It’s quite common knowledge that cleansing the skin is vital. The thing is, you do wash your face every morning, complete your nightly skin rituals, but your skin still can’t be as beautiful and perfect as you want it to be.  We have always wondered why exactly we get acne
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Kiss Allergies Goodbye with OATMEAL!

Most of us have a permanent place for oatmeal in our kitchen. Aside from it being a very delicious breakfast meal, it is also known for its useful benefits for a healthier body. Oats are highly rich in fiber and it is also an excellent source of Omega-3 which is
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Natural Lip Care Routine for Sensitive Lips

Ever heard of a lip mask or lip gel pack? They do sound weird, don’t they? They are products that actually exist and yes, your lips really need them! It’s a common cogitation that the skin needs a lot of care. Most of us spend so much money for the
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NATURAL VS. MEDICAL SKIN REMEDIES: Which is more effective?

Whenever you browse women’s magazines or google about that effective skin care product you should use to help improve your skin, you see numerous, well actually TONS, of beauty advice that pop up. You read every single article hoping that you’ll get decent and highly effective suggestions that will work
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When is Makeup Too Much?

Since the early centuries, cosmetics have been a huge part of every person’s life. Both men and women wear makeup in the early ages, specifically during the Egyptian era, to determine status and class. Generations have passed and up until this very moment, wearing makeup is a not only classified
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Beauty Drinks: Should you get into the fad?

While browsing through your TV’s broadcasting channels, or probably before your favorite Youtube video plays, you will first encounter several advertisements endorsing numerous kinds of brands and products. These days, there are lots of products that concerns health and beauty. Back then, a mineral water is just plainly purified or
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