Joana Teixeria

The benefits of cold water shaving

Shaving is a vital part of any well-groomed gentleman’s routine these days. Yes, trends come and go for a bit of two o’clock shadow, but when it comes down to it there’s little better than that sharp, freshly shaven look for an important date or work event. People take different
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Fall Hair Trends

While we may be mourning the end of summer there are in fact many things to look forward to in the fall season. Bonfire nights, pumpkin spice lattes, the beautiful fall colors... It really can be a magical time of the year. One of the great things about fall is
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How to take care of dry skin

Dry skin can be a frustrating problem. It’s not fun to constantly be worrying about flakiness and patchy areas. When you want to wear nice clothes having to think about which area of skin to cover or reveal depending on dryness that day can be a real nightmare. Well never
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