Vaileria Dennis

10 Natural makeup tips you should know

The ever growing popularity of natural looking make up is still making waves which is better. The heydays of the bright pink and violet eye shadows are long gone — thank, goodness! So, if you’re still not sure how to pull off a natural look with your makeup, it’s about
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Effective ways to avoid under eye circles

10 years ago (or more!), you’d stay up late night after night.  Get up to prep and beat the rush hour traffic and there are no puffy eye problems.  Neither are there dark circles, wrinkles or age spots to worry about.  Where did the good times go? It’s always a
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Discover the priceless gift that you have

Probably every woman has resented that girl in high school who seemed to have an invisible shield from blemishes. Now that you’re way past adulthood, there’s probably still one or two women in your circles you probably resent for still possessing dewy, gorgeous looking skin which women like you, who’s
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