The Beauty Routines of Successful Female Athletes

Still, it seems that with female athletes, everything is a bit more natural when it comes to beauty routines, which makes it even more praiseworthy. Let’s try to discover how these amazing ladies take care of their faces, hair and bodies, and maybe steal a secret or two from them.Everyone is constantly talking about the beauty and the physique of models, pop stars and actresses, but have you ever noticed the pure and unique beauty of female athletes.

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These are the women who are constantly fighting to improve themselves, and that effort goes way beyond their success in sports. Taking care of their body, and looks for that matter, is also very important to them.

The Face of a Champion

  • Allyson Felix, one of the most famous ladies of the U.S. athletics, and holder of many records and medals, knows just how harmful sweat can be for her face, so she uses facial wipes after every workout and competition. True, sweat by itself is not harmful, as it’s a way to release toxins, but if you leave it to sit on your skin, it can fill up your pores with those same toxins.
  • Rachael Balaguer, the beautiful soccer player has an irresistible smile and charming eyes. She reveals that not all of it is so natural, though. Balaguer dyes her eyelashes and eyebrows to achieve great look even without makeup.
  • Gisela Dulko may be retired, but she’s still one of the examples of how a female athlete should look like. Her primary concern was never about makeup, rather about protection, so she always shielded her face with a SPF 30 sunscreen.

Great Hair Because They Care

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  • Alex Morgan, another gorgeous soccer player, looks stunning on the field; but, have you seen her off duty look? Oh my god, that hair. Her secret is in argan oil which she uses to prevent split ends and avoid drying out her hair.
  • Michelle Wie, one of the most beautiful female golfers of all time, also owes her gratitude to oil for giving her amazing hair. This time, we’re talking about coconut oil. She soaks her ends in coconut oil, puts her hair up in a bun, and leaves it to sit for hours.
  • Anna Segal – Guess what’s the secret of this freestyle skier’s smooth and lovely hair? Moroccan oil treatment. The procedure is quite easy: apply after wash, rub it in, leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse.

Look at That Body

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  • Belen Mozo looks amazing in her golf shorts and it’s all thanks to baby oil. Not all of us are lucky to be able to flaunt it in short shorts, and depending on the activity, some types of womens gymwear can even cause irritation and redness, if not chosen carefully. Luckily, baby oil can save the day in this kind of situation too.
  • Natalie Coughlin is a twelve-time Olympic medalist, so she must know a thing or two about nourishing her body. Since she spends so much time in the water and on the sun, she always wears sunscreen and applies an extra moisturizing product after shower, like cocoa butter.
  • Wu Minxia, the first woman to win gold medal in diving in three consecutive Olympic Games, says the secret of her alluring skin is in internal hydration. Drinking plenty of water is her priority, but she complements it with fresh fruits and vegetables too. Truly there’s nothing that can make our skin more beautiful than plenty of water, and nothing that can make it more tired-looking than dehydration.

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These ladies are a living proof that being gorgeous and being strong go together. Take these hints from them and wake up looking healthier and happier the very next day.

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