The benefits of cold water shaving

Shaving is a vital part of any well-groomed gentleman’s routine these days. Yes, trends come and go for a bit of two o’clock shadow, but when it comes down to it there’s little better than that sharp, freshly shaven look for an important date or work event.

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People take different approaches to the shave itself. There is a myriad of opinions out there as to whether you should use multi-edge razors, which creams to use, how often to do it and other such questions. However, some things are settled right? Like using hot water? No one would shave with cold water these days, surely?

Turns out, there has been a growing trend among shaving enthusiasts for getting a cold shave. Yep, that’s right, none of your luxurious heated stuff, just pure, cold fresh water. Why? You ask. Good question. But there are actually some pretty compelling responses. Here’s our guide to getting a cold water shave and other important grooming questions like ‘what cream to use?’ and ‘is Vaseline bad for your skin’?

Cold water makes hair brittle

Cold water shaving might seem like an unfortunate event to befall those not blessed with 21st century utilities like hot water, but take heed. There is good reason for its use. Some argue that using hot water softens the hair strands. This makes it difficult to get a really close shave. Cold water on the other hand keeps hair brittle. It’ll stand on end while you’re trying to shave it off meaning a more successful close shave.

Cold water wakes you up

For most, shaving is part of their morning ritual and while warm water may be pleasant first thing, bracing (or embracing) the cold instead gives you a real shock to the system. Ditch that morning coffee, instead use cold water to get you ready for the day.

Creams to use with cold water

While the use of cold water may upend your very notion of grooming, in fact you can continue using your normal daily shaving cream. Be sure to moisturize thoroughly after to keep the skin fresh and supple. Some people might ask ‘is Vaseline bad for your skin after shaving?’, but this petroleum jelly is actually triple filtered to remove impurities, making it a safe skin care choice and a great post-shave balm for smoother results.

Getting used to cold water sets you free

That’s right, it’s worth getting used to cold water so that you don’t depend on those little luxuries every day. Once you start using cold water to shave you will quickly get used to it and this is liberating. Go hiking, camp out at a festival, enjoy your freedom from the chains of modern plumbing!

So hopefully you are convinced to give cold water shaving a try. It might sound like a hard sell, but once you get onboard with the concept you will start noticing the difference. Get that great close shave that only a cold water rinse can give you. Moisturize thoroughly and remember, if you’re wondering ‘is petroleum jelly bad for your skin?’, it’s not. So try using it post-cold shave to enjoy all the nurturing benefits and start noticing the difference!

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