Effective ways to avoid under eye circles

10 years ago (or more!), you’d stay up late night after night.  Get up to prep and beat the rush hour traffic and there are no puffy eye problems.  Neither are there dark circles, wrinkles or age spots to worry about.  Where did the good times go? It’s always a good time, Silly!

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Prevent under eye circles in 9 ways

Here are 9 ways you can promote your eye beauty so you can start seeing beautiful eyes again every time you wake up in the morning:

  1. Start your daily eye care with a good cleanse and toning. Don’t ever hit the streets or start your day, no matter how cold the weather may be, without these two steps. Clean and clear skin is the beginning of beautiful skin. You can follow through with a La Mer Eye Cream and another product later but it all starts with these two steps.
  1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Your skin today is not as full of vitality as it was when you were 20! It’s pointless to expect to see your skin to behave the same way. What your skin needs now is a lot of time to treat and rejuvenate — a natural process that your skin is built for and effectively deliver if only you’d sleep in the hours it requires to treat itself.
  1. Never miss your sunscreen for a day. UV is never good for your skin. Not then, not now. So if you’re all about avoiding under eye circles, make sure to keep a non-toxic sunscreen in your routine.


  1. Load up on antioxidants for added protection. Sunscreen will never be enough to shield your skin from UV damage. Amp up your sun and free radical protection by levelling up on antioxidants. Get it from your eye care creams and from an antioxidant-rich diet made of mostly fresh produce.
  1. Keep your eye skin moisturized. The proprietary complex called Miracle Broth in La Mer Eye Cream or a similar formulation from another product can support beautiful eye skin. However, you reach a certain age, when special eye care from an eye cream will be required.
  1. Promote eye beauty by following a routine suitable for your age. Basic moisturizing with emollients and skin conditioners may have been sufficient when you were young but, severely leaves your skin undernourished when you have aging skin. Avoiding under eye circles for aging skin requires you to load up on higher concentrations of antioxidants too. For better results, make sure your creams are formulated with moisture enhancing ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid. Since aging skin is also thinning, make sure to have ceramides to make up for loss of skin density. Peptides, collagen and retinol are other ingredients you should also be looking for.
  1. Skip on products that contain toxic and harsh ingredients. While you need help from products, you don’t need products that will hurt your skin. Harsh ingredients like drying alcohols as well as irritating ingredients like artificial colorants and fragrances can all cause inflammation which then damages and risks you to develop dark circles.


  1. Practice healthier living. Make healthy eating and regular exercise your lifestyle. Foods with high salt content can cause your eye area to retain water which, soon enough, will might as well turn into dark under eye circles. Get more anti-inflammatories like seeds, nuts and fatty fish in your diet too. These help relieve any swelling or irritation that causes your skin to manifest signs of aging.  Regular exercise is equally important to make sure that the good nutrients you’re getting are making their way to cells where these are most needed for repair and regeneration.
  1. Step up your skincare regimen with regular visits to the clinic. Non-invasive and minimally invasive skincare procedures are important to stimulate your skin that’s becoming more inefficient as time goes by. A laser treatment or a simple peel can help you keep dark circles away.


If you want youthful eyes, follow these 9 steps and you’ll soon see eyes revitalized everyday.

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