Face Makeup 101: Perfectly Concealing Acne Scars without Caking!

Are you starting to get really annoyed about the time and money you spend just to get rid of your acne scars? We know the feeling! You are definitely not alone in this acne scar dilemma, but the good news is, there is a very easy and budget-friendly way to conceal them in an instant. In this article we are going to discuss a very simple and efficient way in temporarily getting rid of acne scars. Despite having deep-pitted scars or severe acne, it is not impossible for you to be picture perfect!

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Concealing scars requires a few cosmetic products and makeup tools. Remember, they do not have to be very expensive as this process is not all about the price of the products but the technique. One important key that you should also keep in mind is that the makeup products that you will use should be something that’s skin-friendly. To be on the safer side, you can choose to use non-comedogenic or hypoallergenic cosmetic products. Now, let’s cut the chase and get straight through the simple steps in covering acne scars.

  1. Start off with a clean and well-moisturized face. Use the right amount of moisturizer only enough to make your skin softer. You wouldn’t want to over moisturize since it will end up making your face greasier and the foundation or concealer you are going to use will just end up sliding off.
  2. Apply an oil control primer all over the face. This will help your makeup last longer while controlling oil and preventing your pores from being clogged with your foundation.
  3. Conceal spots first. Focus on the spots that need more help and coverage and blend it out thoroughly with a buffing brush, sponge or even your fingers. You can either use liquid or stick concealer here. Tip: Try not to apply too thickly, but if you have to, use a sponge when adding another layer of concealer.)
  4. Using a full coverage powder foundation, set the areas where you put your concealer on. Note that at this point, you should not put the powder on your entire face yet, just the concealed trouble spots.
  5. Apply your preferred foundation (cream or liquid) or BB cream using a cosmetic sponge. A sponge is much better than using a buffing brush or a foundation brush since at this point, you only have to do a dabbing motion so your concealer and powder won’t move.
  6. Take your powder foundation again and brush a thin layer of it all over the face.
  7. Get yourself a nice makeup fixer mist to set your entire makeup. This will prevent your makeup from caking.

If you prefer a more glowy/dewy makeup finish, then you can skip Step #6. The significant factor here that will avoid excessive caking is the proper technique in using your makeup sponge. The light dabbing motion won’t create obvious streaks and it will make your foundation intact. One reason for caking is applying too much without blending well, which is why sponges are much better as they do a much efficient job in blending.

Do you have any particular technique to cover your skin imperfections? Share it with us!

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