Fall Hair Trends

While we may be mourning the end of summer there are in fact many things to look forward to in the fall season. Bonfire nights, pumpkin spice lattes, the beautiful fall colors… It really can be a magical time of the year. One of the great things about fall is that it’s also the start of a new fashion year. Major fashion houses promote their new lines, magazines publish their bumper September issue and there’s a renewed focus on exciting trends and exciting.

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It’s no different when it comes to hair trends. Fall is a great season to try out a new look or investigate whether the on-trend hair colors might suit your locks. There are lots of different looks out there this year from French braid hairstyles to controlled straightened dos. Here’s our guide to hair care and trends to get you through these coming colder days.

Fall hair care

It’s important to make sure your hair is in good condition before you start going for any new style changes as things will always look better on healthy, strong hair. There are a few maintenance tricks it’s important to bear in mind. For starters make sure your hair ends are in good condition; any split ends need to be trimmed away and if you have a fringe/bangs make sure it is cut to the correct length. Assess the condition of your hair. Fall winds can dry out and cause breakage so use a deep conditioner if needed and avoid rubbing your hair too hard after washing.

Fall styles

There are lots of great hair styles that are in fashion this fall. Some favorites include up-dos and specifically braids. No longer the preserve of school girls, intricate and beautiful braiding can now be seen across the fashion world. Some particular favorites are French braid hairstyles (find inspiration here) and fishtail plaits. There are loads of different types and the trick is to find one that’s right for your hair type and suits you.

Fall hair accessories

If you’ll be braiding or putting your hair in any kind of stylish up-do it’s worth thinking about the accessories to use. Fall is all about warm colors so find fabric and velvet headbands and bandanas in beautiful autumnal shades and patterns. For special occasions consider seasonal florals as these always make an impact.

These are our top hair care and style tips for the coming months. Just remember to make sure your hair is in good condition, that you have a look at current trends such as French braid hairstyles and go find some beautiful, seasonal accessories. Enjoy!

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