Is Glitter Makeup Safe to Use on Your Skin

The popularity of using glitter whilst applying makeup is becoming a big trend, especially during the festival months. Glitter makeup makes everything more glamorous and with minimal skill required, it’s a fun product to use! But is the glimmering sparkle safe to use on your face or on a frequent basis?

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There is a big difference between cosmetic glitter and craft glitter, so do not buy the cheaper option to save some money, it could have a severe outcome. There’s always a risk with glitter that it can be ingested or go into the wearer’s eyes.

Using cosmetic glitter reduces all the risks, it’s made with a non-toxic plastic that won’t cause any harm if ingested in small quantities. Cosmetic glitter is also colored with a pigment rather than a dye, so when it’s applied to the skin it won’t release any unknown chemicals, leach or stain the user. Cosmetic glitter is also manufactured differently, the standard for safety and cleanliness is a lot higher which reduces the risk of irritation on the skin and eyes.

The EU considers the risk to be very low when it comes to using cosmetic glitter and most users recommend it. But ensuring you have purchased cosmetic over craft is key in any event.

The application of cosmetic glitter is also an important point, using either glitter gel, adhesive or gloss whilst applying glitter will help it stick and offer a higher quality finish. Using adhesives is also a safety feature, applying loose glitter is more likely to fall off into people’s eyes and be inhaled, this in large quantities can be deemed unsafe.

Picking good quality brands is important for your safety and getting good results that can endure the likes of a festival for example. Because of the mentioned popularity of glitter makeup, a lot of companies specialize in this makeup option and its application so a little research will show you a variety of options. If it’s needed for a big event there are even makeup artists that will give you an incredible final look solely based on glitter!

If a makeup artist is excessive for your desired finish watching YouTube videos will help give you a good finish and shows you how to apply it safely. Always remember glitter is dangerous if it gets in your eyes so apply maturely and read any instructions that come with your chosen product.

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