How to Structure a Daily Beauty Routine

Most of us grew up watching our mothers apply endless amounts of cold cream, but these days, it’s harder than ever to figure out what you should be doing for your skin. With different trends, ads, and online suppliers, we’re getting more and more confused—and it’s starting to show. This guide to structuring a daily beauty routine will help take the guesswork out of your mornings and set you on a path to healthy, beautiful skin.

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  1. Determine Skin Type

Before you can figure out anything, you need to determine your actual skin type. This will have a huge effect on what products you should use and what your problems areas are. To figure it out, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist. As much as you might think you know your skin, a professional can tell you for sure and probably shed some light on issues you didn’t even know about. Click here for tips on how to get the most out of your appointment.

  1. Remove Makeup

To start, you have to strip down. It’s hard to truly cleanse your pores when there’s gunk in the way, so a good makeup remover is key (yes, even if you’re in the shower). Treat the whole face until your wipe/cotton ball comes away clean.

  1. Cleanse

Next up is to actually cleanse the skin. There are so many different cleansers on the market, so make sure you choose one that fits with your skin type and do a thorough clean that gives the cleanser time to actually penetrate your pores and do its job. Two to three times a week, you should add in an exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin cells. When you’re finished, always pat your face dry gently (never rub).

  1. Tone

Most people have no idea what a toner does, but they apply it anyway. It’s time to debunk the myths and figure out if you should be using toner and if so, which type. The right toner can be incredibly beneficial to your skin, but you have to figure out what you need first. Depending on the type, it can sweep away any leftover makeup, shrink your pores, help your moisturizer penetrate your skin more effectively, help with oily skin, and tighten tired skin.

  1. Target Problem Areas

Your next step is a little harder to structure. Each person’s skin is different, and we all have our unique problem areas. Whether you have dark circles under your eyes, have signs of aging, are prone to acne, or want to diminish dark spots, this is when you can use your specialized products to help correct them. Serums, eye creams, and masks are all fantastic aids to achieve the skin of your dreams.

  1. Moisturize

One of the most important steps, moisturizing is critical for every skin type. The right moisturizer for your skin type will hydrate, prep, and prime your skin for the day. Spend a minute or two massaging your moisturizer deep into the skin to get the most benefits.

  1. Beautify

Now comes the fun part. For an average day, focus on evening out your skin tone, brightening the eyes, and giving yourself a healthy glow. If you get easily overwhelmed by all the makeup brands out there, check out the Eye of Horus line for fantastic results.

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