Low-Tech Face Washing Guide

Your Face Won’t Wash Itself

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We live in a high-tech world. Smart Houses. Smart cars. Smart phones. Well, unless maybe you’re royalty, I’m pretty sure most of us wash our own faces, the old-fashioned way, with soap and water.

Soaps Abound

Granted, soap has come a long way, and there are some wonderful ones to choose from. If you like bar soap, there are high-end triple hand-milled varieties, infused with essential oils and aromatic herbs. There are moisturizing shea butter, exfoliating oatmeal and clear vegetable glycerine blocks of perfection. These are just a few of the soaps out there for your washing pleasure. From the pharmacy to the grocery store, online and in specialty boutiques, you will find bar soaps in every scent, size and shape.

And, there are just as many liquid soaps and shower gels in interesting fruit and floral scents, as well as the higher end specialty face washes put out by cosmetics companies. These are excellent formulations for cleansing pores without clogging, and preserving your face’s moisture. Facial skin has lipids that keep natural moisture in, so these non-drying liquid face washes are great. Two go-two brands are Olay ™ and Neutrogena. ™

A Simple Routine

A good face-washing regimen will help you maintain healthy skin. It will give you a good base for your cosmetics, and help you avoid the clogged pores and oil-buildup that can contribute to acne breakouts. After you have removed your makeup, especially stubborn mascara, you are ready to gently wash your face.

  • Wash your hands. You don’t want to introduce any bacteria to your face, so start with clean hands.
  • Gently splash your face with warm water two or three times. This will open your pores.
  • Make a lather of soap on your fingertips.
  • Work the lather gently over forehead, down over nose, cheeks and chin.
  • Splash-rinse gently with warm water and then cool water to close pores.
  • Pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel.
  • Wash your face twice a day.

Some of us have special circumstances when it comes to face washing, like medicated soaps for acne. I have to use baby shampoo on my eyelashes for a Rosacea related condition called Blepharitis. Untreated, it causes itching, redness and swelling of my eyelids. Also, some people have especially dry skin, and may only need to wash their faces once a day.

Be kind to your face and start a healthy face-washing regimen today!


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