Shave for savings!!! Why to shave and what to shave for staying healthy?

Before you get swayed by the topic that says shave for savings allow us to clarify that shaving is a good habit that helps you stay fit and fine from many a problem like skin diseases and others. If you don’t shave regularly you might land up favoring the growth of bacterial and fungal infections here and there such as at the pelvic joints or groin areas resulting too much of irritations and annoyances!!!

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The best way therefore lies in adopting the healthy practices of shaving regularly and maintaining neatness. Isn’t it then becoming a viable proposition to shave with a view to have some savings on your time and energy alongside money and staying fit and fine???

Why to shave and what to shave for staying healthy?

It’s a very good and well-timed question. You can’t afford to shave everywhere. If done so the habit of shaving itself will invite grievous problems in lieu of eradicating them on time. How? Well, shaving underarms or on groin areas leads to healthy practice; but shaving of your head is bad. The reason is plain and simple. The hair on your head essentially protects you from direct sunlight on your skull thereby reduces the possibilities of sunstroke and others. Again hair on your head protects you from losing body temperatures fast during the winter days. The gist is: NOT all shavings are good; you have to be judicious for shaving things on your body!!!

Now, coming to the point of what to shave it is customary to mention here that you should essentially shave stuffs that are unwanted and can cause problems to you sooner than the later. There can barely be any straight jacket answer to your query on what to shave!!! The thing that works best for you here in the matters of shaving should be adopted without hesitation and the rest would have to be avoided at every cost.

For our understanding and a quick reference we however can look at the following list for a reality check on our shaving habits.

  • Shave unwanted hairs for staying fit and fine.
  • Shave regularly for attaining neatness.
  • Shave or wax body hairs to avoid skin issues like pimples and acnes.
  • Allow hairs to grow back to a minimum standard before you take up the next shave.

This list here is more of a blanket advice that can bring about a degree of changes on your shaving habits for staying fit and fine!!!

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