Weird Skin Care Tips That Actually Works

Tried everything to look your best but all in vain? No need to worry, we have some fabulous tips for you that may sound strange but they really work. Many skincare products though assure you the best results but majority of them doesn’t really work on every skin type. Here are few weird but really effective tips that you must try out within the comfort of your home.

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Boost your lashes

Take a break from all famous and renowned lash boosting products, simply just pat a bit of flaxseed oil on your lash line every night. Omega-3, -6, and -9, along with B vitamins and lecithin contained in flaxseed oil repairs lash damage and stimulate their growth.

Remove acnes

Do you know how do the celebrities look picture perfect every time? do they have something magical? No, it’s not because they always have a perfect skin but because they know how to make it happen. They splash the spots and acnes with nasal sprays and eye drops. These contain vasoconstrictors, which shrinks down the blood vessels, thereby reducing redness and bringing down inflammation. Its effect is as good as any high quality skincare products.

Get rid of puffed eyes

With a simple tea spoon, you can get rid of puffed area around the eyes. Put a spoon in the refrigerator for 5 minutes or more and when it is cold enough, cover your eyes with it for reducing swelling. We already know about the use of potato and cucumber slices for reducing puffiness around eyes. Cold spoon is equally effective.

De-bloat with apple cider vinegar

If nothing is working on your bloated face, not even the best skincare products, mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with half a glass of water and drink it. Enzymes in vinegar will start showing results within 30 minutes by slowing down your gastric juice production and your body will start flushing away the bloat.

Easy scrub on holidays

Have you ever thought of making a scrub for you skin using sand and water? It is weird to use sand for scrubbing. Filtered particles of sand mixed with water can make an easy and instant scrub. It is really effective.

Natural Lip stains

Red and purple vegetables in your fridge such as beetroot makes an amazing and natural lip stain. Do it cleverly, tap a juice of beetroot on your lips using makeup brush or lip pencil and carry a fashionable yet natural look. Moreover, this color is in now a days.

Strengthen your nails naturally

If you are left with empty skincare products’ bottles and you want an immediate aid for your nails, use lemons. Cut the lemon in two parts and put your fingers inside it in a way that all your nails dips in properly. Keep it in for 10-15 minutes, it helps strengthen your nails and prevent them from fragility.

Do not hesitate in trying out these weird tips , it won’t cause any damage to your skin. Hope these new and strange tips help you to fight several skin problems. These remedies are as effective as many high quality skincare products that promise best care for your skin.

Look and feel beautiful!


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