When is Makeup Too Much?

Since the early centuries, cosmetics have been a huge part of every person’s life. Both men and women wear makeup in the early ages, specifically during the Egyptian era, to determine status and class. Generations have passed and up until this very moment, wearing makeup is a not only classified a certain type of fad, but a lifestyle. Makeup or cosmetics are not as simple as just face powder and lipstick. Cosmetics have tons and tons of kinds and it does not even limit itself only to the face but also to the rest of the body, even nails! With all that models we see in the magazines, celebrities on films and all these beautiful Youtube makeup gurus, don’t you sometimes wonder if there’s actually a limit when it comes to applying one’s makeup?

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With that being mentioned, the question is, when is makeup too much? We often see beauty and fashion critics react on certain types of makeup looks. Sometimes they react positively to it, some freak out because of the shocking combos. There are particular kinds of makeup looks that just don’t work out. Imagine going out on broad daylight wearing a foundation or BB cream 3 shades lighter than your skin tone, along with bright green and red eye shadow shades and a hot pink lipstick! Well, it is true that if you imagine it in a much artistic way, it can look gorgeous on magazine pictorials or runway shows, but reality check; it’s not something you can wear in school or in the office.

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One very important fact to think about before wearing makeup is that cosmetics are only meant to enhance your features and not to completely change how you look like. Makeup can only do much and whenever we try to overdo it, the tendency is, it might look terribly fake. Of course, cosmetics can cover flaws and it’s really a good thing since we all have skin imperfections. You just have to carefully figure out how to use a particular makeup product carefully. Take contour powders for an example. With proper contouring, it can enhance your beautiful bone structure and help you sculpt your facial assets in a much desirable way but if you apply too much and put it on the wrong parts of your face, it might mess up with your natural structure. No, a contour powder does not work as a blush!

Color combination is also very important when it comes to applying makeup. If you’ll do a bit of research on the shades you should use every season, it’ll be much easier for you to pull off a gorgeous look without overdoing it. There are several makeup color charts you can google and it can even help you choose the nect eye shadow palette you’ll pick!

Some prefer a more natural, perfect for daytime makeup look while others feel more adventurous with bold colors and thick eyeliners. Whatever our makeup look preference may be, it all comes down to one reason why we wear makeup: We want to look better and more presentable. How about you? Why do you wear makeup?

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